St Agatha Chaplet for Breast Cancer

It's breast cancer awareness month, so we are introducing a brand new St Agatha Chaplet, Patron Saint of Breast Cancer!
On the first three beads, pray one Our Father. On the second three beads, pray one Hail Mary. On the third three beads, pray one Glory Be.

Conclude with:
“Oh St. Agatha, who withstood the unwelcome advances from unwanted suitors and suffered pain and torture for thy devotion to Our Lord, we celebrate thy faith, dignity, and martyrdom.

Protect us against rape and other violations, guard us against breast cancer and other afflictions of women, and inspire us to overcome adversity.

Oh St. Agatha, virgin and martyr, mercifully grant that we who venerate thy sacrifice may receive thy intercession. Amen. St. Agatha, pray for us.” 

St. Agatha was a consecrated virgin in the third century, who endured numerous cruel tortures rather than renounce her vow of chastity. St Peter even appeared to her in prison to heal her of her wounds. Her last words were: “Lord, my Creator, Thou hast ever protected me from the cradle, taken me from the love of the world, and given me patience to suffer: receive now my soul.”

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