Welcome! My name is Mary and I am the owner of Handmade Catholic Shop! It is a joy and an honor to share my Catholic creations with you. My customers make each day special and I am grateful for every order. I learned how to make scapulars from Carmelite Sisters, who even gave me my first supplies to start my shop. Over 700 scapulars later, God certainly had a plan in mind and further inspired the addition of chaplets, crucifixes, rosaries, and veils. I love to be creative and also write novels, a dream I had while studying literature in college. I started writing because I love how stories remind you of what really matters and that your own life is the greatest story to write of all. Under the pen name Therese J. Roberts, I've written five books and my favorite quote is by the patron saint of writers, St. Francis de Sales: "The Lord delights in every little step you take." Visit my blog at writingwithyourheart.com where you can find my novels and note card line! I feel very blessed to share these creations with you and say a prayer for every customer. Thank you for making my dream possible!

Here's just one miraculous story of Our Lady's protection of those who wear her scapular: "A French priest on pilgrimage was on his way to offer Mass, but realized he forgot his scapular. He knew he would be late if he went back for it, but he could not accept offering Mass at Our Lady’s altar without wearing her scapular. The priest returned with it and was in the middle of offering Mass when a man approached the altar with a gun. He shot the priest in the back, but somehow the priest continued to say the Mass prayers as if nothing happened. The faithful thought the bullet miraculously missed the priest; however, they discovered afterwards the bullet had been found ADHERING TO THE BROWN SCAPULAR, which the priest had refused to be without." While this story is truly amazing and inspiring, most importantly, Our Lady helps those who wear her scapular receive eternal life.

Thanks to your purchases quarterly donations are sent both to the Catholic Church and American Troops overseas. Every quarter we choose a different Catholic church or monastery to share a portion of our profits because there are so many Religious Orders that rely on the generosity of others to help them continue in their missions. Likewise, every quarter we also send a care package to American Troops overseas. Our military need basic supplies like clothing, hygiene products, and day-to-day necessities. We choose different items each time to provide them with a variety of goodies along with handwritten letters so we never forget our soldiers who fight for our freedom. Thank you to our customers who make these donations possible!



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