The Amanda Case Files No. 2: Hospital Mystery by Therese J. Roberts

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The Amanda Case Files No. 2 is a lighthearted mystery by Catholic author Therese J. Roberts. This wholesome novel about a young detective trying to clear her sister's good name and uncover a plot that gets deeper and deeper will keep you on the edge of your seat until the murderer is discovered.

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From the back cover:

"Amanda Case is back for a new mystery that starts out personal. When Christie Henley is arrested for murder at Fielding's Hospital, Liz must discover who would frame her sister and why. Liz sleuths undercover to unveil a motive among doctors, nurses, CEO's, and a janitor. Will Liz find the killer in a plot that gets deeper and deeper? And how will she handle a very unexpected family secret that surfaces during her investigation?"

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  • 270 pages
  • Ages 12+

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